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Although I launched this platform for my enjoyment 9 months ago, I'm pleased to see that so much has come from it. Not only have I created several online posts, but I've also had the honour of writing monthly columns for South Africa's most popular aviation magazine! And I launched my first ongoing collaboration with South Africa's most prestigious flight school. Although I'm proud of all this, in retrospect, perhaps the most rewarding part is that some of the inspiring pilot's I've interviewed have received job offers after the articles I wrote landed up in the right hands. It just shows how small the world is, and how powerful words are. Perhaps it is true that 'the pen is mightier than the sword...'

Moving forward, my goal is to shift towards developing a career as a writer. This includes creating online and print content. To those of you wondering - no, I'm not flying anymore. I completed my Airbus training at the moment Covid-19 brought the industry to a halt. So (like thousands of other pilots) I'm grounded. Now I have more time to focus on writing engaging articles. If you're interested, contact me on See pricing information on the 'pricing' page or email me for further information. 

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