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With global warming growing into an imminent threat, a world-wide shift towards global environmental sustainability is driving advancements in technology and redefining daily life. The youth, with leaders such as Gretha Thunberg, have placed pressure on government and policymakers to move towards a greener future. From individuals to multi-national corporations, we all have a part to play in the fight against climate change.

The aviation industry is no exception - it accounts for approximately 2% of the world's carbon emissions. As the demand for air travel increases, the percentage of carbon emissions emitted by the industry is forecast to rise significantly. Therefore, it’s essential to explore new aircraft designs and to experiment with new environmentally friendly technologies.

Electric aircraft have emerged as a step towards a long-term industry solution. Pipistrel is at the forefront of this change in general aviation - in 2020, their Velis Electro became the first EASA Type Certified Electric Aircraft in the world. Their movement towards electric-aircraft resulted in a range of 9 different experimental and affordable light-sport aircraft (LSA) to change aviation across the globe. In addition, the noise pollution issues are a thing of the past with electric propulsion.

43 Air School is the Sole Distributor of Pipistrel in South Africa and Portugal.

Attie Niemann, a retired South African Air Force pilot and CEO of this prestigious school, was so impressed by the Pipistrel line that he was the first South African pilot to fly the electric aircraft.

So, to help you wrap your head around Pipistrel aircraft - whether you aspire to own one or whether you're simply an aviation enthusiast - we've compiled a summary of all you should know about 4 of our favourites.

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