Love is in the air. Can pilots have relationships?

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Do you remember the first time you saw a crew walk through the airport on their way to work? Professional pilots walking upfront in their distinguished uniform and female flight attendants neatly dressed

in high heels following closely behind. Well, a lot has changed since then. Thanks to initiatives to increase diversity in the industry, there’s no longer anything unusual about finding women flying jets while men serve meals in the cabin. But that’s not the only change: as a result of more women gaining their wings, it’s not unusual for two pilots to land up in a committed relationship.

You’re probably wondering how a relationship like this could work. After all, you’ve probably heard of the challenges that arise when only one partner is a pilot. How could it possibly work when two pilots are involved? The answer is simple, and the principle can be applied to any aspect of life: if you really want something, you’ll do anything to achieve it. So there are several aviation couples who prove that love really

is in the air and that pilots can have successful relationships.

Flying away together for a romantic weekend getaway.

Some pilots agree that their connection with a partner is deeper when they’re both aviators. Why? Firstly, they have a shared passion for flying (remember, aviation is a lifestyle - not a job). So the chances are that your partner would be willing to allocate a monthly allowance to fly together in general aviation - imagine hopping into a Cirrus and flying away together for a romantic getaway.

Secondly, their partner understands what they’re talking about when they offload after a bad day at work. And lastly, their partner is familiar with the stress that goes hand in hand with an aviation career.

So, if you’re looking to build a relationship with another aviator, here are some tips from pilot couples who have managed to beat the odds and are still happily in love.

1. Communication

Without clear communication, no relationship can thrive. This is especially true with two pilots

because the challenges faced are less predictable. Being able to talk through problems and having

the ability to develop solutions when obstacles present themselves is the only way to build a solid

foundation. This also applies when being away (click on this link to read the full article:

Have you wondered whether two pilots can date each other, since the aviation lifestyle is unstable? Maybe you have a crush on someone in your training batch, or you're wondering whether your flight school relationship will last in the 'real world.' It can. Make sure to click on the link to get all the tips to help pilot couples succeed.

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