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To be the leader of tailored sustainable solutions for aviation companies and airports.  



To provide tailored sustainable solutions that create an environmentally friendly and socially responsible aviation industry by finding the ideal meeting point between the people, planet, and profits.



  • Integrity: we practice what we preach and promise ethical behaviour.

  • Simplicity: our interventions are straight to the point.

  • Diversity: we find value in the little differences.

  • Innovation: we cannot solve problems if we think about them in the same way as when we created them.

  • Forward-thinking: let today’s actions lead to an improved tomorrow. 

  • Sensitivity: the planet should be treasured, not harmed.


Dassie van der Westhuizen 


Dassie originally founded Aviatrix West in 2019 as an online portfolio of her published work and to document her journey to becoming an Airbus pilot for a European airline. Unfortunately, COVID-19 stopped her from flying on the line after her A320 skills test. So, she seized the opportunity to build on her Architecture undergraduate degree with a Master's in Aviation and Aerospace Sustainability with a specialization in Space Systems (which she will complete in 2022).


Now, Aviatrix West is an aviation sustainability consultancy and learning platform. Dassie's strong aviation background - which launched as an internationally flying flight attendant in the Middle East - has taken her around the world. Working in the aviation industry in South Africa, Europe and Asia opened her eyes to the best (and worst) aviation sustainability practices. So, she uses this knowledge to guide the industry on its journey to becoming more environmentally friendly and socially responsible. 


Vincent van der Westhuizen 

(Financial Analyst)

Vincent is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Applied Economics with a major in natural resource economics. From a young age, he has had a strong interest in the environment and nature - starting simply with the National Geographic channels and evolving into something much more significant.

Throughout his studies, Vincent learnt about how the financial sides of countries, businesses and people function. He gathered a strong theoretical knowledge of macro and microeconomics as well as the ability to analyze and interpret data. This information and skill can be applied in numerous ways, but it is his goal to apply it to environmentally beneficial avenues.

So, Vincent aims to use his theoretical knowledge and statistical skills to ensure that companies do not have to sacrifice their financial performance for environmental protection or vice-versa. There doesn’t have to be a choice between profits and the planet if you just understand the ways in which they are integrated.

Vincent van der Westhuizen 

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