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Hi, I'm Aviatrix West. 


I'm a 28-year-old writer, female pilot, aviation and aerospace sustainability Master's degree student, and a former flight attendant with a love for aviation. I'm originally from Canada but grew up in South Africa and completed a degree in Architecture before moving full time into aviation.


After working as a flight attendant in the Middle East I moved to Belgium to advance my career as a pilot. While in Europe, I dabbled in writing and launched this blog. Since then, I've published monthly columns in South Africa's most popular aviation magazine and launched my first major collaboration on this site. Now I'm expanding into aviation sustainability to move my industry towards a greener future.

On the flying side of things - I was recruited by one of Europe's largest passenger airlines and completed my Airbus A320 skills test. Unfortunately, my batch was unable to progress to the flight deck due to the aviation industry standstill brought about by COVID-19. The entire fleet was grounded and we all lost our jobs. (So if you know someone recruiting pilots, please let me know).

Having first trained as a pilot in South Africa before converting my pilot's license in Europe has given me unique insight into this industry. Oh, and I should mention that I did this while working as an internationally flying cabin crew based in the Middle East.

I aim to help others realize their dreams in aviation by providing guidance to both flight attendants and pilots. I'd especially like women to see how exciting and accessible a career as a pilot is. 

This website allows readers to hop along on my life journey as I continue travelling the world during my career. Subscribe to my blog to hear about all my adventures and what I have learnt along the way that could help you in your own aviation journey. 

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