Welcome to my blog! Whether you're an experienced aviator or simply curious about the industry, this is the perfect place to learn. Scroll through the tabs to find an article that interests you. Some of these posts are filled with tips I learnt during my journey from flight attendant to pilot. Others are interviews with high achievers or people working in interesting flying jobs. You'll quickly see that there's more to flying than what we see in the airlines... Feel free to contact me if you know of an amazing pilot or cabin crew that I should feature - I'm always looking for a good story. Oh, and let me know which topics you want to read about. I'm here to help you learn after all.



The views presented in these articles are solely the author's based on available information at the time of writing. The purpose of this blog is to inform readers, not to provide professional advice. Readers are advised to research further and consult relevant professionals, such as flight training schools. Readers are cautioned when acting on information provided and assume all risk from such actions.


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